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Stay on Track with Your "Why"

This business was started because I love paper crafts. Its brings me joy and serenity. It also brings me memories of my mom and sister. We have always been a family of DIYers usually for financial reasons but it became more than that. We found it to be a great time to bond. Its so easy to talk about anything when your hands are busy creating something. We used to do all kinds of crafts, crochet, plaster figures, fake flower pieces, door hangings, my mom even made a few stools. Crafting also allows us to make mistakes and laugh about it together. There is no tragedy in crafts. We vibe off each other and figure out together if it can be saved or tossed and start fresh. No pressure to be perfect. This is why I keep crafting all these years later.

Sometimes I forget my "why" so it's nice to write it down so I don't lose sight of it. Its so easy to get caught up in trying to get things exactly right. Marketing is one of those hurdles for me. I've been trying so many different venues and tactics that I'm making my head spin trying to find the right audience who will enjoy my art. I've got to stay on track with creating things that make me happy and the rest will fall into place.

With that - I am currently in process of creating 2 very special projects that have already made me so happy.... the first is likely going to my very first facebook contest giveaway. Its pictured here, an autumn paper flower centerpiece. I'm excited to see how it finally turns out. Love that paper, scissors, ribbon and hot glue will complete the supply list for this project!

Second project, a painted pet portrait being purchased as a gift for someone else. This one has no photos yet but I'll be writing about it as it moves along.

Just some paper, scissors, ribbon and hot glue.... centerpiece giveaway!

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