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Pitbulls and Pumpkins Festival 2019

Hey everyone!! Its been a while, sorry about that but I’ve been so busy prepping for my first official festival show as a new business! I must say for the circumstances I think it went REALLT well!! I’m so very proud of how it turned out. First a few points to consider here…. It was a miserable, rainy, cold day and this was my first set up with all my new displays and products. Also it was a shelter event that allowed all attendees to bring their own dogs. I was in heaven to say the least BUT the atmosphere was definitely not conducive to people shopping around and checking out different products. All that said, I still made sales and even better for me was that I got to talk to my customers face to face.

So many came over to ask about the business, products and even ask about me personally. For me, this is why I’ve opened this business. To connect with people who share a love of handmade things, who appreciate effort and skill building. Do I want to make money? Sure, of course, how else am I going to pay for my future creations? :) but money only goes so far in personal satisfaction. One woman asked me about the paper flower centerpieces and we spoke for a good 15 minutes about the how, what etc of making them. The more excited I got, the more excited she got. We brainstormed a few potential ideas for her living room that really have my creative juices flowing. Cant wait to see how it turns out!! I’ll keep you posted.

For those of you interested in the work that goes into one of these shows….. not easy. Things to consider: Figure out how many people usually attend and what percentage of them actually make a purchase so you know how much inventory to create. Be careful not to create too much or you will be stuck with it, too little and you lose money. How many different product offerings should you bring? What price range? How many of each will actually sell? Create an email sign up sheet. Create a custom order sheet. Design and have made business cards, tent sign, table cloth that wont blow away in the wind, multiple levels to stack product on your table. Do you need a tent for the sun or for the rain? Credit card machine, cash to make change, receipts, shopping bags, tissue paper or other packaging material so the product doesn’t get ruined as its being dragged around the fair. The list goes on and on and is COMPLETELY worth it for the experience of talking with people who are interested in your work. SO looking forward to my next one!

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