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I, for one, am DONE with winter

I need warmth and flowers again! If mother nature won't grant me them, I'll just make my own. I've been really busy with quite a few paper flower shadow box orders and cards but I've also been spending time getting back into watercolor painting.

For me, watercolors pose an interesting take on my personality. I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist which makes this medium REALLY tough for me. Water colors are more beautiful the less perfect they are. I love the outcome of letting the colors and water mix in such different ways depending on how you change your brush, your paper, your stroke, your water content. All of these, change the final product so much that its fun to play with each and see what happens.

I've always worked on landscapes but I've seemed to have moved into florals and cannot get enough! I'm going to also try to do some basic wildlife. Maybe some birds? or some fun insects?

Any of you have any other suggestions of what to try next???

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