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Updated: Jul 24, 2019

Hi I’m so very excited you have found me and my art!

How did this all start? I don’t have any one special trigger story that lead me to create Heartfelt Art By Barb LLC because this business has always been a dream of mine. No matter what career I was in, veterinary hospital, boating, fast food, corporate customer service, corporate IT…., I’ve found a way to incorporate my love of all things paper as a hobby to do during all my free time. Greetings cards are what I spend the most time on because it warms my heart to share someone’s sentiment on paper while creating beautiful artwork. I also have a special passion for scraps. Its amazing what you can create using something otherwise tossed away

Me and my boy Sam who is always at my feet in the craft room

Everyone appreciates a handmade card that comes from the heart. Whether buying for a specific purpose, to keep on hand for occasions that come up throughout the year, or to give as a unique gift, I love making your words and thoughts come to life through hand crafted cards.

I take a lot of pride in what I create, each card is handmade so some variations may occur but that is what makes these so special!

No 2 are exactly alike. All items in my shop are made with my hands. I use a variety of tools including my Cricut machine, Stampin Up stamps and paper, Cricut Easy Press and a large variety of additional supplies from local craft stores. My designs are all original and can be altered to meet your specific needs. That’s my other passion, design. If you have a craft need that isn’t met with my current assortment, send me a message! I’d love to hear about what you are looking for and figure out if I can make it for you.

One last VERY important thing…. Thank you. To my family and friends for putting up with me and my chaos. To my customers, both new and seasoned for believing in my designs and craftsmanship.

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